Chesty’s 1st Birthday!

When I first received this particular cookie request, Christine said she needed cookies for a baby’s 1st birthday. I was thinking of Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse, or bright primary colors and baby animals. I asked her for a theme and possibly even some pictures of her baby for inspiration.

Imagine my complete & utter surprise to learn that the theme was “Marines,” and that the baby was a bulldog puppy named Chesty! (Yes, after the Marines’ official mascot, Chesty.) Well, that required switching gears, for sure! ;-)

Chesty Cookie assortment.

I did my best to make Chesty come alive with icing… and that was tricky since I don’t know much about dogs either! (Cats are a different story, ha.) And Christine sent me a picture of her puppy, so I incorporated that in a special way – with Chesty popping out of a birthday cake!

Chesty cookie.

I learned a bit about doggy coats, too. In doing so, I tried to recreate the “brindle” look onto parts of Chesty, too:

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Semper Fi! (said with cookies)

Last year, my friend Nicole contacted me with a special request. Her oldest baby was set to join the United States Marines, and she needed cookies for his send-off party. We met as Air Force wives, and although it was the “wrong” branch of service, I was happy to oblige. I was also obligated to shed just a few tears with my friend in the process, too. ;-)

Marines Cookie Assortment.

Now, this post is looooooong overdue, because Jacob has now been a fully-fledged Marine for over 9 months!

Marines Cookie Assortment.

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