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Holiday Cutters Giveaway!

I’m busy planning holiday cookie designs in my kitchen, and I’m ready to share the fun with one of you! I’m so excited to share these fantastic new holiday cutters… see?!

Holiday Cutters Giveaway!

One lucky reader will win all the cutters pictured. That’s seven different sets & 18 cutters altogether – WOW! Follow the instructions below to enter, and good luck! :-)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest CLOSED! Congrats to JANINE SMITH, the winner! :-)

Pooh’s 1st Birthday, Redux.

Every so often, I get a chance to “re-do” some cookies I’ve made in the past. These Pooh’s 1st Birthday cookies are from just that scenario. :-)

Pooh's 1st Birthday cookies.

They’re not terribly fancy or difficult. Just light, easy colors & a very recognizable face. Add in a few bees for fun, too!

Pooh's 1st Birthday cookies.

Just for kicks, here’s a look back to my first Pooh cookies, from over 3 years ago:

Pooh Cookies for Addison's 1st birthday.

(You can find the entire post with these first cookies HERE. Or, if you’d like a little Eeyore too, you can find my second set of Pooh & friends cookies HERE {and these are a few years old as well}.)

And it’s times like these where it’s neat to look back & see how my decorating skills have improved. In the day-to-day, it feels like things stay the same. But comparing a few sets that are a couple years apart? That’s fun stuff! :-)

Pooh's 1st Birthday cookies.

Baby Boys & Bow Ties.

Sometimes, a customer just comes to you with some simple ideas & colors, and you get to choose exactly how you’re going to execute the theme into cookies.

And then it turns out DARLING!

Baby Boys & Bow Ties.

Ashley wanted some cookies for her brand-new nephew who was born a bit early. Since his mama didn’t have time for a baby shower before his birth, Ashley helped to throw a special “Meet & Greet” for the little man. She just wanted a few things represented, as follows:

  • muted yellow & dark gray
  • bow ties
  • babies wearing a bow tie
  • baby’s name & birthdate
  • “welcome little man”
  • a bit of “circus font”>

All the rest was up to me! :-D

Baby Boys & Bow Ties.

I had an idea for little bald baby head wearing a bow tie… but I didn’t have a cutter for it! And because I wanted to make 16 of them, I really didn’t want to hand-cut the shape, either. So, I took a few moments to look at my cutter stash, and I came up with 3 cutters that I decided would work to “make” the shape I wanted. See?

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Now, Sea Here!

Oh, I crack myself up! Can you hear an older man sternly saying that title in your head like I can? Can you actually HEAR it?!

“Now, see here!” (Yes, I’m really giggling over here at the puns!) :-D

Seahorse & Seashell cookies.

A couple days ago, my sweet friend Patricia asked me if I could make some last-minute cookies for a special dinner she held two nights ago. I said, “Sure!” right away, not even knowing for certain what design she might need! (A rookie error, by the way. Please be smarter than me!) But she sent me a photo of some invitations she was creating from Pinterest, and I had enough to go on for some simple, elegant seahorse & seashell cookies.

Sea?! ;-)

Seahorse & Seashell cookies.

The seahorse cookie cutter is a ginormous one that I’d never gotten to use before (it’s about 7″ tall). I found mine in a clearance bin at Macy’s last fall (really!), but you can also purchase one HERE online. I think mine must’ve already been squished a bit before I saw it, as my seahorse isn’t quite so chubby; rather, he’s a bit leaner, or possibly, not as pregnant?! ;-)

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Dad, You Are Fan-tache-tic!

I know, I know… it’s way too late for these Father’s Day cookies. Believe me, I really do know! However, a certain well-meaning true friend of mine is always bullying encouraging me to update my blog more, and this time, she struck me a deal I couldn’t refuse.

Father's Day cookies.

You see, while decorating cookies at night, I’m usually all alone. And to keep myself company, I watch shows on Netflix. Recently, I began watching the entire series of “Family Ties” (yes, circa 1982, but I was only 3 years old then!), which I’d never seen before. It is SO GOOD! Seriously, I thought it might be cheesy to watch now, but it’s just not – not at all. Aaaaand, I can imagine that if I had only been in middle school or high school in the early 80′s, I might’ve had a serious crush on a certain Alex P. Keaton, too! ;-)

Father's Day cookies.

So back to that deal, right? You see, “Family Ties” has made me both laugh & cry so much in the recent weeks, and I’ve been sharing these moments with my friend. She doesn’t remember the episodes very well, so I’ve been encouraging her to re-watch the series with me on Netflix. And she agreed! Here’s the catch: she’ll watch two episodes for every one new blog post I write!

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